The author of the now famous book ‘India in Greece’, Edward Pococke had also authored another book called ‘India in Italy‘ which it is said was suppressed by the Vatican. Its copies today exist only in the Library of Vatican. What might Pococke have revealed about Italy and its ancient history in this book. 

It really is not that difficult to figure out since Pococke leaves us enough clues in his published work ‘India in Greece‘ – such as the fact that many tribes from India, such as the Yadhus and Meghadans, emigrated West and in their path left a trail of names of mountains, rivers and towns, that have their origins in the names of mountains, rivers and towns in India – which have been elaborated elsewhere in this blog-site. Click here and here  for posts on the Ramayana connection to the Etruscans and Romans

Writers such as P.N.Oak and Stephen Knapp had collated evidence from murals, paintings and photos that have appeared in earlier books, about the influence of the Vedic philosophy and knowledge on the Etruscan and Roman civilizations. Click here and here for some of these photos. Though eyebrows had been raised by many on what these photos (especially whether there indeed is a Vedic Tilak on the forehead of a Roman in these photos) may or may not prove, more evidence keeps emerging that the ‘forehead mark’ was more prevalent in that part of the world than had earlier been believed.  

The Villa del Casale, near Piazza Armerina in central-southern Sicily dated to 285 AD has perhaps the finest and most extensive display of mosaics in the Roman world. This Roman villa was buried by a landslide in the twelfth century and was excavated in the 1950s. Here are 3 mosaics from Villa del Casale collection that show Roman fishermen cherubs with the same mark on their foreheads.

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