Many scholars have put forth the view that ancient inscriptions from around the world can be decoded with the help of Sanskrit and as mentioned in previous posts German linguist Kurt Schildmann (1909-2005) has done immense work on this subject, especially the decoding of the Crespi Collection of artifacts.

Father Carlo Crespi, hailing from Milan in Italy, lived in the small town of Cuenca, Ecuador for more than 50 years. He was a priest of the Church of Maria Auxiliadora. Crespi was accepted by the indigenous population of Ecuador as a friend and they brought him ancient precious objects as presents. These objects are now placed at a museum in the Salesian School in Ecuador. The artifacts belonged to the ancient Peru/Ecuador region of South America.

Later Kurt Schildmann decoded many of the glyph and artifacts from this collection. Here is another glyph that Schildmann decoded with the aid of what he called Paleo-Sanskrit. The message is Vedic!

Glyph from pre-Christian
Crespi collection of Cuenca
of Ecuador and Peru

Schildmann decoded the above inscription as the Sanskrit ‘Vid asura ca nis tan yaccha iccha naka lava‘.

1. ‘vitta’ (वित्त) – ‘gained’, ‘obtain’, ‘wealth’
OR ‘vita’ (वीत) – ‘hidden’ or ‘covered’ or ‘desired
OR ‘vith’ ( विथ् ) – ‘ask’
OR ‘veda’ (वेद) = ‘sacred knowledge’
2. ‘asura’ (  असुर    ) – ‘divine’, later meaning changed to ‘demon’
3. ‘ca’ () ‘likewise’, ‘also’, ‘and’.
4. ‘nis’ (निस्) ‘forth’.
    nish (निश्) ‘meditate’
5. ‘tan’ (तन्) continuous, uninterrupted’
6. ‘iccha’ (इच्छा) desire’, wish’
7. ‘yaccha’ (यच्छ) ‘holding’, ‘offering’
8. ‘naka’ (नाक) – ‘heaven’, ‘sun’
9. ‘lava’ (लव) – ‘fragment’, ‘piece’
    ‘lava’ (लाव) – ‘reaping’, ‘cutting’

And the message is – “The divine-like ‘Veda’, by continuously being meditated upon, will bestow upon you your wish of holding a piece of heaven.” 

Previous posts in this blog mentioned that Schildmann’s study of ancient inscriptions discovered in the caves of Peru and the United States show that they are similar to ancient Indus Valley ‘Sanskrit’, suggesting that seafarers from India may have reached the Americas thousands of years. 

Scroll down to the end to see the tables of inscriptions from the Crespi collection and the sounds each inscription represents as put forth by Schidmann.

                                 … to be continued.

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