The name ‘Britain’ originates from the word Briton, which comes from the Latin ‘Brittonem’. The ‘Britt’ was the endonym of the Celtics, that is the people who we know as Celtics, called themselves ‘Britts’.

The Greek chronicles record the name of the ‘Britts’ as ‘Pritt-anoi’, the letter ‘b’ here interchanges with ‘p’. This is common with all dialects as languages change over a period of time (with the sole exception of Sanskrit which maintains its mathematical precision and allows no changes).

Prince Cassivellaunus (54 BC) was a contemporary of Julius Caesar. His territory lay to the north and north east of the river Thames in Britain. He was a Phoenician who had succeeded in colonizing this territory. And he bore the name Prat Cassi Vellaunus. The name ‘Prat’, a distortion of the word ‘Barat’, was the name of his forefather. Cassi was the name of his tribe. Vellaunus was his given name.

Austine Waddell (1854-1938), Professor of Chemistry and Pathology and a Sumerologist, wrote in his book ‘The Phoenician Origin of Britons Scots and Anglo Saxons’ that ‘The title Prat is clearly a dialectic form of the patronymic title “Barat” (Sanskrit: भरतः)  used by the Aryan Phoenicians as recorded in the Indian epics and in the Vedic Hymns….the Phoenicians being, as we have seen, a chief branch of the Barats, or the descendants of King Barat, and they are systematically called “Barat” in the Indian epics and Vedas. And this Aryan Phoenician title of “Barat” or “Brihat” is now disclosed to be the Phoenician source of our modern titles “Brit-on,” “Brit-ain,” and “Brit-ish.”.

Waddell quotes from the Mahabharata, Chapter 94, Verse 3704, “And King Barat gave his name to the Dynastic Race of which he was the founder; and so it is from him that the fame of that Dynastic People, hath spread so wide.”- Maha Barata. It implies that the story of Bharat which began during the time of the Ramayana, was taken forward by his descendants and by the time of the Mahabharata, Bharat’s descendants had spread their rule to different parts of the world. .

Austine Waddell traces the origin of the words Britain, Britannia and Briton to ‘Bharat’ in detail here and here.


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