The word ‘sky’ is said to be derived from Proto Germanic ‘skeujam’ which means ‘cloud cover’, itself said to be derived from Proto Indo European ‘skeu’ which means ‘to cover, wrap or conceal’.Reference link: Dictionary

But then ‘sku’ (स्कु) is Sanskrit for ‘cover’.

Proto Indo European (PIE), which is an engineered language seems to be a direct copy of Sanskrit.

Any language name with a prefix ‘Proto’ (inculding proto Germanic mentioned above) is a reconstructed language. For example, Proto Indo European (PIE) is a compilation of words. PIE means, that had the Indo-European Languages ever had a common ancestor, the compilation of words would probably have been the likely list of words or vocabulary of that common ancestor language. It is reverse engineered.

There are at least 25 words for ‘sky’ in the Sanskrit language, which include ‘Aakash’ (आकाश), Ambar (अम्बर), Gagan (गगन), Vrijan (वृजन), Divya (दिव्य), Antariksha (अन्तरिक्ष), Bahul (बहुल), Go (गो), Sairika (सैरिक), Paru (परु), Suma (सूम), Uma (ऊम), Dyu (द्य), Viha (विह), Nabh (नभ) etc. 


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