The ‘Queen’s language’ indeed has many, many words absorbed from Sanskrit! Here’s a look at the word ‘Queen’ itself!!

‘Queen’ is derived from the Old English ‘cwen’ which means ‘female ruler of a state’. Western scholars have of course engineered the Proto Indo-European (PIE) word ‘gwen’ which has been given the meanings of  both ‘woman’ or ‘wife’. It is from ‘gwen’ that the Greek ‘gyne’ and Slovenic ‘zena’ arises.

‘Gwen’ is a cognate of the Sanskrit ‘jani’ (जनि) which means ‘mother’, ‘wife’, ‘birth’ and ‘life’. The Sanskrit ‘gna’ (ग्ना) means ‘Goddess’.

The Sanskrit ‘jani’ is the source of many words in other languages such as Avestan ‘jainish’ which means ‘wife’ or the Armenian ‘kin’ which means ‘woman’, Gothic ‘qino’ which means ‘woman’ and the Gothic ‘qens’ which means ‘queen’.There are many such examples in various other languages.

Hindi speakers are of course familiar with words like ‘jananI’ (जननी) which means ‘mother’ and ‘janani’ (जननि) which means ‘birth’.

And the Sanskrit root word for all of the above words in any of the above mentioned languages including PIE is the Sanskrit ‘jana’ (जन). In Sanskrit words related to ‘birth, race, mother, people, tribe, origin etc’ all originate from ‘jana’ (जन)


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