Proto-Indo-European (PIE) is so, so close to Sanskrit, that it seems to be the same language.

Lets look at the name Atlas. Scholars attribute the origin of the word to the reconstructed, re-engineered language PIE and say that the word is derived from the root word ‘tele’ which means “to lift, support or weigh.” Atlas – ‘the one who bears the world’.

But then that is Sanskrit. Tulana (तुलन) means ‘weighing’ or ‘lifting’ in Sanskrit. The sun sign Libra, depicted by the ‘weighing balance’ is known as ‘Tula’ (तूला) in Sanskrit.

Here’s then a look at the word ‘Libra’ itself. Li (लि) in Sanskrit means ‘equality’ ‘Bhara’ (भार) is weight’ or ‘load’. In Sanskrit ‘Li-bhara’ means that ‘where there is equality of weight’ implying the balance of scales.


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