In the Vedic literature and the Astrological treatises of ancient India, Jupiter is referred to as ‘Guru’ (गुरु) or the teacher. Astrologically, Jupiter is the planet that dispels the darkness of the mind, enlightens or illuminates, gives higher education and an interest in the study of scriptures. In Sanskrit, the more specific word for the one that illuminates or enlightens is ‘dipitr’ (दीपितृ). It is from ‘dipitr’ that the word Jupiter is derived.

The Western world of course disagrees. The etymological origins of Jupiter are traced to the reconstructed language Proto-Indo-European. The PIE word that is created for Jupiter is ‘dyeu-peter’ meaning ‘God-father’. However, in Sanskrit too ‘Dev-Pitra’ (देव पितृ) means ‘God Father’ and ‘Dyo-pitr’ (द्यो पितृ ) means ‘Heavenly Father’.

The many other words for Jupiter in Sanskrit include: 

Didivi (दीदिवि), Deva-pati-mantrin (देवपतिमन्त्रिन्), Prakhyas (प्रख्यस्), Brihatipati, (बृहतीपति), Brhattejas (बृहत्तेजस्), Prakphalgun (प्राक्फाल्गुन), Maha-mati  (महामति) Saptarshija (सप्तर्षि), Surguru (सुरगुरु), Surapati-guru  (सुरपतिगुरु) etc. 


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