The English word ‘son’ derives from the Sanskrit ‘suna’ (सून). English dictionaries are quick to say that the word ‘son’ derives from ‘PIE’ ‘sunu’ .

Lets look at the many other Sanskrit synonyms for the Sanskrit ‘suna’ (सून) which means ‘son’.

The most common word in Sanskrit, as in Hindi, for son is ‘putra’ (पुत्र). In the Vedic context, the River Brahma-putra (ब्रह्मपुत्र) is revered as the “Son of Brahma”.

Then there is ‘suta’ (सुत). In the Ramayana, Hanuma is referred to as ‘Pawansuta’ (पवनसुत) – the ‘Son of Pavan’ or ‘Air’. There is no PIE equivalent of ‘suta’.

Lord Krishna is Devaki-Nandan. Nandan (नन्दन) means ‘son’. Son of Devaki. Nandan also means ‘rejoicing’, an integral part of Lord Krishna’s personality.

Another, word for ‘son’ is ‘tanay’ (तनय) . Then there is ‘tanuj’ (तनुज). ‘Tana’ (तन) means ‘body’. ‘Tanay’ and ‘Tanuj’ mean ‘that which originates from the body’.

Incidentally TanayA (तनया) and TanujA (तनुजा) both mean ‘daughter’ in Sanskrit. No PIE equivalents for these either.

But there are other world languages where we see words derived from the Sanskrit ‘tana’ (तन). In The Native American languages together called Amerind, the word ‘tana’ means ‘son’ and ‘tuna’ means daughter. Scholars there claim that the words ‘tana’ and ‘tuna’ (obviously a distortion of ‘tanu’) are indigenous to the Amerind group of languages.

In their paper “Linguistic Origins of Native American Languages”* in the Scientific American Journal dated November 1992, Joseph H. Greenberg and Merit Ruhlen write about Proto-Amerind and wrongly claim , “…… the root word “tana” (son) and “tuna” (daughter) …not only ties Amerind (languages) together but also distinguishes Amerind from other language families. It (the root word ‘tana’ & ‘tuna’), as linguists say, is an exclusive innovation of the Amerind language”.

Not True! Obviously, these scholars have chosen not to recognize these common Sanskrit words.

It is obvious that PIE is not the source of Sanskrit. In fact, Sanskrit is the source of all languages.

Lets not forget to look at other Sanskrit synonyms for the word ‘son’. Here are just a few of them:

‘Daraka’ (दारक), ‘Angaja (अङ्गज), Kleshapah (क्लेशापह), ‘Udvaha’ (उद्वह), Hrikthad (ऋक्थाद) and Kukshij (कुक्षिज).
No PIE or Amerind claims on these Sanskrit words. At least not yet!!


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