The Puranas say that the arrival of Lord Kalki (the tenth avatara of Lord Vishnu) brings the end of the Kalyuga, and all that which is ‘kalka’ as well. ‘Kalka’ (कल्क) means that which is ‘filthy, wicked, impure, hypocritical, sinful and evil’.

The popular interpretation of the story is that Lord Kalki arrives on a white horse called Devadatta and kills all that is evil. The Puranas say that the death of ‘kalka’ (कल्क) takes place when consciousness awakens. Consciousness arrives in an ‘ashvah’ (अश्वः) moment. Here’s what it really means:

“Shva” (श्वः) means yesterday. “Shva” (श्वः) also means tomorrow. A-shva (अ- श्वः) means “neither yesterday, nor tomorrow’. Consciousness awakens, neither in the past, nor in the future. Devadutt (देवदत्त) is the vehicle. Dev (देव) means ‘God’, Datta (दत्त) means ‘given’.

Consciousness awakens at a ‘godgiven’ or a ‘godly’ moment. A moment that is therefore ‘auspicious’.

Kalya (कल्य) means yesterday. Kalye (कल्ये) means tomorrow. Yesterday and tomorrow are both enveloped in the name of Lord Kalki.

Yesterday or tomorrow (Kalya or Kalye) , neither yesterday nor tomorrow (A-shvah) , at a pious or a god-given (devadatta) moment , whenever consciousness awakens, marks the arrival of Lord Kalki and the end of Kalyuga. Kalya (कल्य) also means auspicious!

KalyA (कल्या) means ‘praise’. ‘KalyA’ or praise be to Lord Kalki.

To Hindi speakers this should not be confusing. After all ‘kal’ (कल) does mean both yesterday and tomorrow in Hindi. And while we are at it, lets look at the word “Purana’ (पुराण). The word “Purana” is defined as “Pura api nava iti”, that which is “Old and new as well”.


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