The Russian word for ‘Goodbye’ is ‘Dasvidanya’. It is really the conjunction of two words: ‘Do’ which means ‘until’ and ‘Svidanya’ which means ‘meeting’. ‘Dasvidanya’ is therefore “Until We Meet Again”.

Three Sanskrit cognates fit closely. One is ‘Vidath’ (विदथ) which means ‘meeting’. The second is ‘samvadhan’ (समवधान) which also means ‘meeting’. [‘Sama’ always means ‘together’ in Sanskrit. It is from ‘Sama’ that the English words ‘sum’, and ‘ assimilate’ are derived.]. A third cognate is ‘Samvidan’ (संविदान), which means ‘joint or associated’.

The ‘Do” in ‘Dasvidanya’ may be derived from the Sanskrit ‘Ya-vad’ (यावद्) meaning ‘until’. ‘Do’ could also be a corruption of ‘tada’ (तदा) meaning’ then’, or ‘yada’ (यदा) meaning ‘whenever’.

But the Sanskrit word that really enriches the meaning of the word ‘Svidanya’, is ‘Vidhi’ (विधि) which means ‘destiny’ or ‘fate’. If derived from ‘Vidhi’ the meaning of Dasvidanya is close to “Until Destiny Brings Us Together”!

In Sanskrit ‘vid’ (विद्) means knowing, observing, perceiving and hence the ‘name Vedas. ‘Vedas’ are the ancient Sanskrit books of knowledge, there are four of them, namely – RigVeda, SamVeda, Athatveda, Yajurveda. The Russian vid and ved are derived from the Sanskrit ‘vid’ which means ‘Perceiving’ . Perceiving includes – knowing, seeing, understanding, observing and seeing.


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