On the Western Isles of Scotland lies the Callanish (pronounced Kalanish) megalithic site. The 13 standing stones are arranged in a circle, with long rows of different lengths that extend in the north, south, east and west directions.

The stones are astronomically aligned and mark the beginning of spring and fall, and also the movement of the moon.

Callanish Observatory.
In Sanskrit ‘Kala’ means time and
‘Nisham’ means ‘observation’.

In Sanskrit, Callanish or ‘Kalanish’ means ‘Time-Observation’. ‘Kala’ (काल) means ‘time, era, epoch, tense- (as in past, present or future). ‘Nisham’ (निशम्) means to ‘observe, perceive or listen’.

Is Callanish a distortion of the Sanskrit ‘Kalanisham’ (कालनिशम्) ? That Sanskrit name of the site certainly describes the function of the site as an ‘astronomical observatory’.

Callanish Stone Site goes by two other ancient names, ‘An Turasachan’ and ‘Clachan Chanalis’. Here is what the Sanskrit link to these names is:

1. ‘An Turasachan’: ‘An Turasachan’ might be a distortion of the Sanskrit ‘Antara’- (अन्तर) which means ‘time interval’, and, ‘Shan’ (शाण) which means ‘stone’. ‘An Turasachan’ then translates to ‘Antara-Shan’ or even ‘Antara-Pashan’, which either way means ‘Inteval-Period-Stone’. Which is an apt description of an observatory which tracks the movement of the planets with strategically placed stones’.

2. ‘Clachan Chanalis’: ‘Clachan’ is a cognate of ‘Kala’ (काल) and ‘Shan’ (शाण) put together. ‘Kalashan’ is Sanskrit for ‘Time-Stone’, which is an appropriate name for an observatory. Chanalis is a probably a distorton of Callanish, which has been decoded above as ‘Kala-Nisham’ (that is Time-Observatory).

The word ‘kala’ also occurs in names of other ancient stone-observatories of the world – for example – ‘Kalasasaya’ in Bolivia. The word ‘Chan’ also occurs in names of ancient observatories of the world such as ‘Chankillo’ in Peru.


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