The megalithic structures of the ancient world are explained away as, tombs of dead kings or ritual centers for human sacrifice, by the main stream historians. The megalithic sites are dated by them to be only about 1500, or at the earliest – 2000 years old! The new day historians, archaeologists, astronomers and engineers however question these absurd explanations.

Not surprisingly, main stream historians say that the ruins of Samaipata in Bolivia, are an ancient ritual center. Not so, say the new lot of researchers. Swiss theorist Erich von Däniken had concluded long back that the two parallel grooves carved in the rock, atop Samaipata, was used for Vimana or UFO operation in ancient times. 

The Parallel Channels at Samaipata, Bolivia
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Now lets look at what Samaipata means in Sanskrit. Both ‘Sama’ and ‘Pata’ have many meanings. ‘Sama’ (सम) means ‘together’, ‘parallel’ or ‘equal’ in Sanskrit. This explains the two equal, parallel grooves atop Samaipata. In Sanskrit ‘Pata’ (पत) means both ‘to descend’ and ‘to fly’! Sama-Pata (सम-पत:) What better description of a descending or flying ‘vimanas’.

Incidentally, the word ‘Samapatati’ (समापतति) is commonly used in Sanskrit and means ‘to come together’, ‘fly together towards’, or ‘to descend’. When the Spanish first invaded this region in the 16th century, they were told by the Incas who were residing there at that time that Samaipata was the place the Gods ascended into heaven.

This ancient rock carving at Samaipata depicts a
‘Vimana’ or ‘UFO’. The carving is from no later
than 300 AD if not earlier.

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