With India on a health drive, a new Olive Oil, derived from the Picual variety of olives (developed by Santisana Limited, Spain) – a variety that beats all other with its health qualities – has been launched in India by Netherlands India Desk. This new and ONLY Extra Virgin Olive Oil in India, 100% Picual olive oil comes in with a host of some great qualities plus the added advantage of suitability to Indian cuisine due to its stability to keep its nutrients at high temperatures of cooking that NO OTHER OLIVE OIL IN INDIA can provide. Indian consumers will finally have access to the tremendous health benefits of this excellent variety of olive oil. The Picual variety of olives is internationally acknowledged as the best olives for longevity and stability at high cooking temperatures.

Indian Ayurveda has recommended the kind of Olive Oil that Tierras De Olivar is:
Q. “What fats are recommended by Maharishi Ayurveda?”
A: “The two fats recommended by Maharishi Ayurveda are ghee and olive oil….Olive oil is a monounsaturated fat, which means that it actually lowers cholesterol and triglycerides. But it is important to choose first cold-pressed, extra-virgin olive oil, which means that the oil is pressed from the olives without heat or unnatural processing. This method of processing has been followed for thousands of years, and it doesn’t destroy the nutritional quality of the oil, unlike modern processing methods, which involve high heat and chemical additives.” Tierras De Olivar is the only such cold-pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil in India.

The Picual olives used for Tierras de Olivar are cultivated keeping in mind the five traditional ingredients considered necessary : Silence, stress (drought), solitude, sun and stones .Tierra de Olivar is processed with infinite care, which results in a complex, delicate, very palatable oil with amongst the most distinguished taste of any olive oil produced in Spain.

Produced exclusively through cold press extraction, Tierras de Olivar has a rich golden hue, a well-rounded fruity flavor and a smooth, dense texture. The excellence of Tierras de Olivar is due to its fatty acid content and antioxidants. This new olive product contains 80% monounsaturated oleic acid, an important factor in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

It possesses a higher than average proportion of polyphenols, a category of antioxidants found in many fruits and vegetables including berries, walnuts and olives. Polyphenols remove damaging free radicals from the body and are responsible for many of olive oil’s health benefits, which include preventing cancer and diabetes, reducing the risk of heart disease, stimulating bone growth and calcium absorption, mitigating the signs of aging skin and lowering LDL (“bad”) cholesterol. Picual Olive oil also keeps its anti-oxidant property for much longer than any other olive oil. It is also very slow to go rancid and hence can be stored over a long period of time.

Picual Olive Oil is a simple method to add valiant flavors to vegetarian palates and is therefore suitable to Indian cooking. The oil adds a richness and ghee-like flavor of sweetness and aroma to soups and spreads and other vegetable dishes and dals while adding viscosity and tanginess to pasta and rice dishes.

Picual olives are grown in the hills of Andalucía in Spain and the oil is produced and processed by Santisana Ltd. using the fine techniques of the Spanish tradition.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Ignacio Nunez, CEO, Santisana Ltd. remarked, Our family has been making 100% Picual olive oil for generations. We believe that our oil is the elixir of good health and happiness that enhances the Mediterranean cooking tradition. We are delighted to bring the health benefits of picual olives to the homes and kitchens of India.

Netherlands India Desk is the partner which found the right channels to bring Tierras de Olivar to India in association with Aditya Birla Retail Group of Stores: More. The product will be initially made available to the consumer through 150 stores of the More Supermarkets, owned by Aditya Birla Retail Limited.

The 100% picual quality of “Tierras de Olivar” is the key characteristic of this extra virgin olive oil. Its sweet aroma adds a rich flavor to North Indian and South Indian cuisine.

Ruchita Puri, Partner, Netherlands India Desk, says, Tierras de Olivar has been tested on many recipes of Indian cuisine and has been found to blend itself very well to Indian cooking. Its exceptional health qualities and suitability to Indian cooking such as deep frying without losing the healthy qualities of Picual was the principal reason why we sought to bring this product to India with the guiding expertise of Santisana Ltd., Spain.

Reducing heart disease, reduction of fat and cholesterol and higher metabolism are only some of the benefits of Tierras de Olivar. Says Ignacio Nunez, CEO, Santisana Ltd. ,This product will offer an opportunity for the Indian consumer to get one of the best oils for their meals that will change their lives. Tierras de Olivar is competitively priced and its health benefits can be availed of by any average income Indian home.

For more information visit the website www.tdohealth.com. This website shall have creative tips and recipes as well for users of Tierras de Olivar.


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