1. The beauty of the Indian National Anthem – in terms of the words and music.

2. And that of ‘Vande Matram’.

3. The fact that India is the world’s largest democracy. (The western world was skeptical about the chances of the success of this experiment at the time of India’s Independence).

4. The World’s only True Melting Pot: Where innumerable communities and philosophies have assimilated through the centuries and lived peacefully.

5. Its Secularism – acceptance of all religions in particular.

6.. Its Tolerance towards all philosophies.

7. Peaceful in approach (Exceptionally tolerant towards its geographical neighbors).

8. That it is the land that gave birth to Sanskrit . This ancient language best known for its brevity and the ease with which its texts can be memorized, is recognized by scientists as the language most suited for computers. It is also the mother of many languages and has the most scientific grammar.

9. The fact that India’s ancient scriptures continue to exist today, and the knowledge there-in respected.

10. The range and variety of the scriptures: The Vedas, the Puranas, Upnashids, the many Shastra and the Sutras, the Mahabharata and the Ramayan.

11. Indian Classical Music (both Hindustani and Carnatic) recognized as the most refined by musicians all over the world.

12. The vastness of Indian folk arts (Music, dances).

13. The magic and romance created by old Hindi movies.

14. That it is a land where 18 official languages and 1600 dialects are spoken. The 18 languages are written in 12 different scripts.

15. The ability to absorb all things foreign and then produce a more versatile and vibrant Indian version.

16. That India produced ‘Brihat Hora Shastra’ considered to be the world’ most precise text on astrology.

17. The variety of its topography: The highest mountain range and one of the longest coastlines in the world.

18. The reverence for all rivers – especially the Ganges.

19. Only culture where there are festivals dedicated to ‘Light’,’Color’, Seasons.

20. That according to the Panchang, each day is a festival.

21. The richness, colours and the variety of Indian textiles. (Khadi, Silks).

22. The variety of attires to choose from (saris/ghagara/ salawar suits for women, Sherwanis, dhotis, kurtas for men).

23. The art of Henna.

24. The art of Rangoli.

25. The simplicity of life.

26. The sound of flute in the Indian hills.

27. The affection for the armed forces one has in this country.

28. Seeped in tradition, yet this country produces world known mathematicians and computer scientists.

29. That rural India controls the results of the general elections.

30. The elaborate Indian Weddings.

31. And the simple ‘Shiva Temple’ Indian Wedding – with no witnesses!

32. Variety of Indian cuisine available to choose from.

33. That it is the land of Yoga.

34. That it is the land that gave birth to all martial arts.

35. That Indian outdoor games require no props- example Kabbadi.

36. The variety of foods to choose from when ‘fasting’!

37. Indian Masala Tea (Evolved from the simple Chinese Tea decoction)!

38. Shikanji (The Indian Version of the simple Lemonade)!

39. India’s craze about cricket.

40. India’s craze for Bollywood.

41 Train ride through Indian countryside.

42. Indian rural Puppet Shows.

43. The tales of Vikramaditya and Amar Chitra Katha.

44. Indian fashion adornment the Bindi- its placement on the forehead is supposed to invoke the pineal gland in the brain for enlightenment. Related to the concept of the ‘Third Eye of Shiva’!

45. The Caves of Amarnath and Vaishno Devi.

46. The back waters of Kerala and Kovalam Beach.

47. The beauty of Kashmir.

48. Kashmiri embroidery.

49. The sound of Santoor.

50. The writings of Premchand.

51. Indian Snacks – especially the Samosa.

52. Konarak Temple- once washed naturally by the sea at high-tide.

53. Colourful Bandhini Dupattas.

54. That India is one big extended family!.

55. The Indian Monsoon.

56. Hinglish.

57. Kite-fights on Independence Day.

58. The roadside vendor’s ability for quick mathematical calculations.

59. Indian comic book – ‘Lote Pote’.

60. The fact that the so called ‘common man’ in India is knowledgably, intelligent and informed.

61. India’s Obsession with India.

62. And India’s Obsession with all things foreign.


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